Amazon Hiring 100,000 new employees due to Corona Virus

Amazon Hiring 100000 employees

Amazon Hiring 100,000 new employees due to Corona Virus

Recently, the announcement is made by Amazon Hiring 100000 employees because of widely spreading global pandemic coronavirus.

Millions of people are following the advice of health care workers, doctors, and government officials. in the first place officials have instructed not to come outside of their homes to public places until or unless necessary to stop the spread of novel COVID-19 disease. But at the same time, Amazon has seen the huge increase in online shopping as people are ordering online each and every product which they were buying from retail shops. It is a smart move of people to avoid contacting the people outside and thus helping to control the situation.

hence, Amazon Hiring 100000 employees to meet the needs of the warehouse and shipping online products. From a very great angle, this step is beneficial for the company as well as individuals. the corporation is saying that if in this stressful period of time if people need amazon online delivery on greater number. Then they are also ready to meet their demands by doing new hiring.

Company Increasing pay of employees by $2

Through the end of April month, the company increasing pay of employees by $2 per hour in the USA, £2 per hour in the U.K. In addition to €2 per hour in many other European Union countries.

Amazon Employees are busting against the Company Polices

“Many of us feel like Amazon is being reckless with our health,” a New Jersey. an Amazon worker reacted to BuzzFeed in an updated story this week. The warehouse workers of Amazon are complaining regularly against as they are not provided with sufficient hand sanitizers and other disinfectant wipes to care for themselves. furthermore, their loved ones are also unsafe.

Moreover, due to the high demand for shipping the distributors are also not very happy as they are forced to work overtime than their regular working time period. although amazon employees are busting against the Company Policies.

Steps Taken by Amazon to Support Employees

“We are giving our support to the employees that are currently in quarantine,” Amazon told Bloomberg News in an emailed statement. “The security and safety of our employees is our main concern. together with we are following the directives of the local and international health authorities. plus, we have applied a series of preventative health measures in our centers across the world.” at last amazon is hiring 100000 new employees due to these are the steps taken by Amazon to support Employee.

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