Avoid eating these foods in the rainy season

Avoid eating these food in rainy

Monsson is a season which relaxes the whole weather after a hot and humid season of summer. In this season everyone enjoys the greenery of nature and eating different kinds of hot and spicy street and home-made snacks. This is the season of enjoying the cool and calm nature with hot and spicy snacks.

As the monsoon is known for is spicy food it is also known for its cold and cough. Every year around 95% of people affected by the common cold, 75% got captured in malaria, dengue, and other mosquitoes infected diseases like Diarrhea, mesels and many other communicable diseases will harm you in this season.

We all have to keep in mind that food and water is the main source from which the communicable and other major health diseases will affect the body badly. Always eat fresh cooked and covered food. Drink boil water and avoid street food in monsoon season.

Here are some food items which are not healthy to eat in the monsoon season.

Deep-Fried Food

Monson’s second name is Pakora and Samosas (fried vegetables in gram pulse powder). But these fried foods are the real enemies of our health. As because of humid weather the food got into the afresh state which becomes the home for many Bactrias which causes various diseases like cold cough and other communicable diseases.

Generally, the human digestive system is anyways not working in full capacity, the process slows down during the monsoon itself. Fried food may lead to gastronomical complications like bloating and upset stomach.

Sea Food

Seafood should be avoidable during the monsoon. The reason being, monsoon is the breeding season for fishes and other forms of sea creatures. Fishes contain eggs inside their bodies which consumed can cause stomach infection or severe food poising.

Leafy Vegetable

The green leafy vegetable is always seeming to be the best options while we talk about the healthy food the first thing came into the mind is Green Leafy Vegetable like lettuce, cabbage, spinach and many more. But in rainy or monsoon these vegetables can be the home of many insects who also over to eat these green veggies.

The humidity in the weather and the natural dampness in the leafy vegetable makes it the perfect breeding ground for germs. So, these leafy vegetables should not be consumed in monsoon.

Leftover cut fruits and vegetables for a long time

Anything which left for a long time uncovered will defiantly become altered in taste and its nutrient values, resulting in other people catching the flu as well. You should avoid that; it is advisable to not to eat fruits or vegetables that are sold by the roadside vendors as they wet the fruit in advance. Similar practices should be followed at home too.

By following these instructions that what to eat and what not to eat will defiantly help to keep you away from cold, cough and other communicable diseases.

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