Best sleeping Positions that can keep you healthy and fresh

Sleeping is the most important part of everyone’s life. Your whole day depends upon how was your sleep last night. If you had a sleep of 8 hours, you will feel so relaxed and refreshing after coming out of your sleep. While incomplete sleep can let your mind feeling asleep and tired, but your sleeping position and habits effects your health.

Sleeping positions play an important role in experiencing fresh and healthy sleep. It cannot be denied that sleeping is the main part of our life. So, keeping sleep hours tracked and sleeping positions right can boost up your mind and body both for the whole day.

Let’s discuss different sleeping positions that can make the body and mind aligned with each other.

Fetus sleeping

Curling up the body like a caterpillar and sleep for the whole night will defiantly possess you towards a healthy body. According to the National Sleep Foundation, we came to know this position is good for the lower back and for the pregnant ladies too. But keep in mind that while switching to this position physician recommend that, the body should be loosened up and also try to keep a pillow between your legs. Pillow will help to make a gap between your legs which will keep the lower back straight.

Sleeping habits

Sideway Sleep

Sleep on your side is good for your health and can provide you relief from heart burns, indigestion and many more. If you want to test which side is best for the healthy body then I suggest you sleep on your left side, your left side is best for a healthy body.

According to the national sleep foundation they conducted a test on the sleeping sides that keep the body healthy. For the first five days, a man recommended to sleep on his right side and when he wakes up, he complains about indigestion and heartburn. Then after five days, he recommended to sleep on his left side and the results are incredible that he did not complain about heart burns and indigestion or other health issues. After this test, every physician recommends that sleeping on the left will keep the body in good health.

Sleeping Habits
Sleeping on your Stomach

If we ask a physician, lying on your stomach is the bad practice while sleeping at night. It will cause you snoring and sleep apnea. Unfortunately sleeping on your stomach can cause body pains like back pain, neck pain, it can cause your muscles pain, joint pain, etc.

But you can make it better by placing the pillow between your legs, it will correct your body posture a little bit.

Sleeping habits

Sleeping Straight on the back

Most people avoid to sleep in this posture as this position is bit uncomfortable This position is not that comfortable as compared to others but the best out of them. It will help to get rid of back pains and neck pains. Sleeping straight keeps the spin straight and also helps to revive hip and neck pain. It helps to keep the skin fresh and looking glowing. To comfort yourself in this position you can have a pillow under your knees, to keep the spine straight and make the posture more comfortable.

Sleeping habits

With these sleeping postures, you also have to keep tracking of your sleeping routines and eating habits. Do exercise and add less caffeine in your diet. Keep yourself healthy and fit.

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