Chandrayaan-2 Launch: Things to know about ISRO Mission


The modified version of Chandrayaan-1 initially launched by ISRO on 22 October 2008. It was the first Indian Lunar probe under the Chandrayaan Programme. No Doubt this mission was a great starter step for India to enter the Space Agency and related programs. This mission ended in August 2009. The urge to explore more about the moon and its hidden secrets came forward with the Chandrayaan-2 Mission. This new mission more highlighted and updated version of the previous mission. It’s good to call that this mission empowers the related drawbacks of the first one.

About Mission

Moreover, considering this as the second lunar exploration mission, the launch of this Chandrayaan2 spacecraft took place on 22 July 2019 at 2.43 pm IST with the help of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III. The target mission is to find a location and the abundance of lunar water on the surface of the moon.

After USSR, US, China space agencies India stood at the fourth position to achieve the soft landing on the moon. The wheeled rover is supposed to cover a period of 14 days for the on-site chemical analysis of the lunar surface. The orbiter and lander used to record and transfer the acquired data to Earth and it will keep working on this mission until 100*100 km in scientific terms a circularized lunar polar orbit.

SpaceCraft Description and dimensions:

Its design consists of different specialists and carefully designed parts.


With dimensions 3.2 × 5.8 × 2.2 m inclusive an approximate mass of 2379 Kg and would orbit around moon at an altitude of 100 Km. This is designed to record the high-resolution observations on the landing site with the Orbiter High-Resolution Camera fitted in it.


Named as Vikram lander after Vikram Sarabhai (The father of Indian Space Organization). With the dimensions 3.2 × 5.8 × 2.2 m. Basically, this part is to spike on-board systems and would perform the scientific activities for about 14 days.


It’s about 27 Kgs and would use solar power for its operation. The movable part consisting of 6 wheels and recording on-site data afterward transferring the same to the lander. A 3D vision, 2-megapixel camera help to record the 3D imaging of terrain.

Core Perspectives of Chadrayaan-2

In scientific terms, the main ambition of Chandrayaan2 was to study the prospects of lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, lunar exosphere, lunar water. But the foremost objective is to show the ability to land the lunar surface and operating a robotic rover on the surface.

 Prime Minister Modi Tweets

“Special moments that will be etched in the annals of our glorious history! The launch of #Chandrayaan2 illustrates the prowess of our scientists and the determination of 130 crore Indians to scale new frontiers of science.

Every Indian is immensely proud today!”

“Indian at heart, Indian in spirit! What would make every Indian overjoyed is the fact that #Chandrayaan2 is a fully indigenous mission? It will have an Orbiter for remote sensing the Moon and also a Lander-Rover module for analysis of lunar surface”

“#Chandrayaan2 is unique because it will explore and perform studies on the south pole region of lunar terrain which is not explored and sampled by any past mission. This mission will offer new knowledge about the Moon”

“Efforts such as #Chandrayaan2 will further encourage our bright youngsters towards science, top-quality research, and innovation. Thanks to Chandrayaan-2, India’s Lunar Programme will get a substantial boost. Our existing knowledge of the Moon will be significantly enhanced.”

How it’s going to benefit India

Of course, this mission is a great success to India. This Chandrayaan-2 mission will help to uplift the country in space science projects. Ultimately, this will provide the deserved value to our nation and would help to enhance the economic status of the country as well. The success of Chandrayaan-2 is the success of the nation.

Budget of Chandrayaan-2

The Indian Space Organisation has spent 978 Crores, less than the cost involved in the production of the famous movie Avengers: Endgames. Isn’t it surprising! Well, the consistent development of the country in this sector will definitely give new heights to this nation. Go on India, Go on Indians.


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