Eating 2 Bananas Daily Keeps You Healthy and Skin Glowing

Eating 2 Bananas Daily Keeps You Healthy and Skin Glowing

Eating 2 Bananas Daily Keeps You Healthy and Skin Glowing

Fruits are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, keep away the deficiencies of vitamin A and C. Each and every fruit of good for health in one or the other way. Moreover, fruits are rich in fiber which is good for skin, improve immunity and are easy to digest for the human body.

We always consider critic and water contained fruits good for the skin. But the banana is the most eligible and most fiber contained fruit which will definably glow up your face and makes your gut healthy.

Here are some amazing benefits of bananas which will definitely make your skin glow and keep your body healthy.

  1. Bananas are super rich in antioxidants and other nutrients.
  2. A banana contains about 467 to 470 mg of potassium. As potassium can control blood pressure which will protect your heart from the major and minor heart attacks.
  3. Bananas contain vitamin B6 that prevents anemia and coronary heart disease.
  4. If you want to control your weight or lose your weight then banana is the best option because it is high in fiber and promotes weight loss.
  5. They are also rich in magnesium that prevents type 2 diabetes. They contain a high level of tryptophan that promotes mood and acids in depression treatment.
  6. The vitamin present in banana also helps you to sleep well.
  7. The potassium in bananas might also improve sexual health in men.
  8. Studies have also shown that potassium in bananas can help prevent stroke in old age.
  9. In the case of postmenopausal women, eating bananas could cut the risk of stroke by 12%.
  10. Potassium in bananas is good for bone health.
  11. Bananas aid in diarrhea treatment through electrolyte replacement, as the fruit is rich in potassium, it can replace the lost potassium in your body.
  12. It helps to restore normal bowel function. As they are rich in fiber, they are what you must be looking for digestive health.
  13. Potassium in bananas is one mineral that lost hangovers due to alcohol consumption.

Due to all these benefits of eating bananas, Eating 2 bananas daily is doctors recommendation to every human being to keep himself always fit and to deal with most of the skin problems of these days.

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