Glass Door Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Ranking in the US

Glass Door Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Ranking in the US

Sunder Pichai accelerates the CEO position as compared to Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook is still behind in the league.

Glassdoor is the company which reviews the ranks of the top CEO of the US. According to their recent report, Mark Zuckerberg got the line back from Google’s CEO Sunder Pichai, but Tim cook the CEO of Apple managed to keep him ahead of the Facebook CEO.

Ranking According to Percentage approval

According to the voting and supporting, criteria Google’s CEO caught up the 94% CEO approval and setting at the place of 46th place. As per the information criteria in the year 2018, the rank for Facebook CEO was the 16th place but in this year the king got smashed with 55th rank with 93% CEO approval in the tech field in the US CEO ranking among 27 technical CEOs.

The one more amazing news goes out in this criterion of having the great ranking Tim cook is the only CEO to remain in the top 100 for 7years along with Mark Zuckerberg. According to the approvals of Glassdoor this year Apple’s CEO Tim cook got 69th rank with 92% of CEO approvals. This year the places have gone change and apple got the high line then Facebook. It is very shocking for the viewers that in the year 2013 Mark Zuckerberg was at the 1st position in the CEO US ranking organized by Glassdoor.

Other Technologies CEO’s are too Doing well

If we looked into the matter of other technologies CEO’s also buckled up themselves and boost up to levels. Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayana got the rank of 5th and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella got the 6th rank in the good books of Glassdoor, US.

In the Essence, we can say that the popularity of using the social media account Facebook the largest networking web gets out of the trend from the past 2 years it also got affected the level of the chair of its CEO. In the end, Instagram and other social media accounts take over the whole audience of Facebook the things got worse for it but still as Instagram has a tie-up with Facebook it never gets that down itself.

At the end of the discussion and if we talk about the ranking of the CEO things then this year Google got 46th rank, apple got 69th rank and Facebook got 55th rank in the book of Glassdoor US. With this calculating criterion, this year Google is on the higher level than Facebook but Apple is still set beside and moreover with this Apple and Facebook set the record to be in the top 100 from the past 7 years in the racking of glassdoor US.


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