How to Grow Cardamom at Home from its Seeds

grow cardamom at home

How to Grow Cardamom Plant at Home from its Seeds

Cardamom or Elichi is one of the most used spices and is very expensive to buy from the market. So, if it is possible to grow its plant at home, it would save your money and you can have them fully organic and thus healthy. One another reason behind doing this is when we try to save the cardamoms for some longer time at home there color goes brown and gets dry very soon. Their fragrance demolish and are of no use. But if you have planted it at home this situation can be avoided easily.

Best Environmental Conditions to Grow

Cardamoms naturally grow in the reasons having normal temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees Celsius and where the blowing air is always wet. So, the best environment is near seashores or riverside areas. But if we want to grow it in the other areas we have to be sure that the soil where we are going to plant should always be wet and the plant should be able to have the sunshine to the fullest. Preferable it should be planted in a garden, not a pot to grow and get the maximum out of it.

Method to grow Cardamom Plant at Home

Here is the step by step procedure to grow cardamom at home or in the kitchen garden.

Select the Cardamom Seeds

The seeds selected should not be used. As we use cardamoms in hot drinks for flavor, boil them and then discard the boiled seeds, that used seeds that cannot be used for growing purpose. Also not to prefer seeds out of green ones. Just go for seeds of somewhat dry cardamoms that have turned its outer cover to yellow in color.

Sowing the Seeds

After getting the seeds just take some warm water in a bowl and put seeds into it. It should be kept as it is for two days to become ready for sowing into the soil. After two days, soak well before planting them. Now, just select the optimum place of your garden, where water remains for every time and sunshine for most of the day time. Dig a larger pit and add some organic fertilizer mixed in soil in it. Pour some water and let it absorbed for some time. Put the ready to germinate seeds into it.

Sprouting and Follow up Care

As it is a very dedicated plant do care for it. Cardamom seeds usually sprout up by taking time more than a month so, be patient, and water them after every two-three days and put some fertilizer after each week.

If you do not have a kitchen garden at your home, alternatively you can use a big pot for cardamom plant. Just keep it at a place where it could have maximum sunshine and water daily. Moreover, if you are living in an area of high temperatures just go for it in autumn or winter season as environmental temperature matters a lot in this case.

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