Is online education improving our economy or imposing negative effect on students

online education

Online education

The primary objective of the Education Industry is to provide education to students. It can be public, non-profit, or for-profit. Online education is provided to students for a very long time. EDU classes are introduced in many private and government schools, colleges, and universities in past 10 years. It is the part of e-learning that is called online education. Many platforms provide online education and YouTube is one of them as Many YouTubers also make videos related to education, infect on a particular topic, on a particular chapter. You can find it anytime anywhere. It is available 24/7 without any fee charges.

But 2020 is proven to be a golden period for online education. When all the country in the world is shut down in lockdown only online classes/ education is going viral. And this year many new apps for online classes are introduced in the education industry. Many teachers were hired for providing education to students through a live demo, pre-recorded videos, etc., and without any doubt, many students joined these online classes.

Pros and Cons of online classes/ education

Online education is becoming more and more popular day by day among the students. As it can be attended by anywhere, only a good internet connection is needed. The biggest advantage of online classes is you can study anytime when you want to and where you want to. Anyone can attend these classes working or married etc. as these are affordable and comfortable to attend. No pressure is build but all the protocols are followed by the teachers online.

There is one biggest con is that many offline colleges and universities do not take online education degree as an acceptable education firm.  And another con is that they teach only about the topic not out of the topic is covered by them. They are very restricted by their syllabus.

But it can be also counted as a pro that whatever topic you want to study you can find it easily on the online platform. It is on point and easily understandable and clears all your doubts without any confusion.