John Cena transforms Shilpa Shetty into Stone Cold

John Cena

WWE plays an important role in everyone’s childhood, teens, and adulthood too. The most impactful wrestlers in WWE are Undertaker, Johan Cena, Ken, Dean Ambrose, Denial Brayan, Roman Rains, R truth, and many more.  Many children are influenced by WWE starts all over the world.

John Cena’s latest post on Instagram got so much viral on social media. Recently Shilpa Shetty’s son posted a video showing his love for WWE and especially for John Cena by saying his signature words ‘You Can’t See Me’. Cena felt so much adored but the video of six years old star kid Viaan. After John Cena, the Great wrestler posted a picture of Shilpa, in which her face is morphed with the body of Steve Austin. The picture got famous by the ring name of Stone Cold and formed the name “Stone Cold Shilpa Shetty Kundra”. this got posted on Instagram because Viaan Raj Kundra Shipla’s son has a deep interest in Wrestling. After posting that picture on Instagram, the husband of Shilpa the famous film producer banged into the comment section with a burst of great laughter and hilarious comments. Shilpa also shared that picture on her Instagram handle and wrote,” This is hilarious… I certainly ‘didn’t see’ this coming, @johnchena.

In Video of Viaan, he talked and show his knowledge and love for WWE. And then things got interesting at the end when the star kid got the reply video from his favorite star John Cena in return. In his video, he delivered a cute and inspirational message to Viaan. He said that “Hey Viaan, this is your buddy John Cena. I saw your video and muscles. I had to get back to the gym and start working on myself. You are enormous. I can see you singing the song, ‘my time is up, your time is now’. It’s Viaan boy, you are shining now”. After this video, the star kid Viaan also invited for a solo interview conducted by WWE India.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra who is very much proud of his son has also tweeted that “Omg! My son @ViaanRajKundra s first solo interview expressing his love for @WWE and @johnCena. I have no idea how he knows so much! thank you @WWEIndia for making his dream come true with that msg.”

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