Sania Mirza’s Bold Backshot on Pakistani Actress Veena Malik

Sania Mirza’s Bold Backshot on Pakistani Actress Veena Malik

On the eve of INDvsPAK world cup one match Pakistan’s players were at the late night partying around 2 am on Sunday 16th June 2019 at the Winslow Road sheesha bar. And after the humiliating loosing of that match the news of “Being In The Bar at Late night” caught up everyone’s eye on the news.

According to the viral video of 16th of June, some of the Pakistani players including Shoaib Malik with his wife Sania Mirza were at the bar in Manchester England, late night partying. Meanwhile this video caught raise its share in the social market when Veena Malik a Pakistani actress tweeted to Sania mirza’s tweet which says “TO KNOW WHAT AND WHEN THEY SLEEP EAT WAKEUP AND THIRTY AND VER IMPORTANTLY IF I WERE YOU I WOULD BE MORE WORRIED BOUT UR KIDS SEEING THE ‘NOT SO DECENT’ MAGAZIN COVER U HAVE DONE… YOU KNOW IT COULD BE ‘’HAZARDOUS’ RIGHT? BUT THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR BEING WORRIED. TRULY MEANS A LOT (a victory emoticons at the end)” which she deletes and re-twitted that “TO KNOW WHEN THEY EAT SLEEP AND WAKEUP. THANKU FOR YOUR CONCERN THOUGH MEANS A LOT”.

Over which Veena Malik replied back that “To take the kid to a bar is not good for the toddlers and for the team players also as because she also belongs to sports field she should make concerns about her kid and sportsperson also as it is not good for the team/boy” and the hardback short of Sania Mirza that ,”we didn’t take our kid to the sheesha bar as because as a mother I know the best for the kid so kindly please don’t tell her what is bad and good for her son and the end she also wrote the words that she is not the “dietician or mother” of Pakistani team to tell them what to eat or not.

After the tweet of Veena Malik, Shoaib Malik caught in the preference that why they were there at the bar just before the match with India in the morning. He explained to himself that the video is not of 16th of June it is of 13th of June and also tweet that he is severing the international cricket more the 20 yrs. and what type of allegations they are putting against the reputed Pakistani payer + he also proclaimed that, beyond cricket, players have the personal lives too so kindly do not put the heads into the husk of other’s lives.

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