SUMMER DRINKS – Chill Your Day Out With Cool and Refreshing Drinks

Summer Drinks

The Month of May and June are the hottest months in the regions near the ” equator line.” The sun is shining to its fullest, and we all drowning in our own sweat, and the heat waves going on during the daytime, then who’s the savior, who will save us from these head hot summers. Only these refreshing and chilled Summer Drinks have the guts to do so. They feel so light fresh, and refreshing that the summer in the day times cannot make out the things worse and heat is like we are cooked in the boilers.

Summer Drinks

The non-alcoholic summer drinks are the best ways to have the way out of the heat strokes and make the whole body chilled out. There is the number of drinks you can mix and match with each other and have a light up summer days.

Going out the work, vacations, meetings and many more whatever will be the reason we all have to go out and these days if we are going out the best are the roadside cooling refreshment in India you can find out at every turn of road are sugarcane fresh juice(ganne ka juice) “soda and non-soda lemonades”(bnnta&nimbupaani), these are the roadside refreshing exhibits to cut down the heat, when you are out for work from home.

Want to chill out in your backyard after the hectic and hot days, then you have so many options to execute the cooling mission in hot summers:

1. Mint Mojito with Lemon Punch

Fresh hand plucked mint leaves with a punch of citric lemon into it, Masala and ice cubes into it. the best low-calorie drink for the health freaks in hot summers.

2. Strawberry Lemonade

Prepare the simple lemonade and garnish it with strawberry syrup, mix well and have fun.

3. Citric Punch:

Have all the punch flavors together like orange, grapes, and lemon mix them with chilled water and have it with your BBQ.

4. Water Chills:

While going out for work carry a water bottle with mints, cucumber and lemon into it, have it all day and feel cool.

5. Indian Touch

This drink has only BUTTERMILK in it, the best way to cut out the heat in the hot days, you can have it sweet, sober and will Masala too.

6. Creamy ice shakes

Add milk to your favorite ice cream and ice into it give a mixy shake, have it cool with whipped cream and ice cubes.

7. Mocktails

Take up different citric and non-citric juices like mango, apple, grapes, pomegranate, and litchi mix them well and serve with ice cubes into it. Have fun in your backyards.

Like all these drinks, you can have mix and match the ingredients and create many more summer cut out drinks for your family and friends with all your love and creative ideas.


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