The Extraordinary Life and Death of Sunanda Pushkar by Sunanda Mehta

The Extraordinary Life and Death

This book is written on the extraordinary life and strange death of the untold story of Sunanda Pushkar. This book is published on 30th July 2019 by Pan Macmillan India, publications in English medium. Sunanda Pushkar, businesswoman, and wife of writer and politician Shashi Tharoor, was found dead in her hotel suite in New Delhi. Her death was as shocking as it was suspect, spawning many controversies and complex legal battles. When she was alive her life was less dramatic but far lesser-known.

This is the biography of Sunanda Pushkar by the famous journalist Sunanda Mehta which come up with the answer to various questions related to the life of Sunanda Pushkar. Like the questions which are supported by this biography are: Who was Sunanda Pushkar? Was she a social climber hankering after power and fame? Or was she bold and unconventional, achieving success on her merit only to become a casualty of circumstances? Was she a villain or a victim? Or a bit both? In short, this biography is thrilling, adventurous, full of suspense and has a very tangled storyline which is solved very interesting by the Indian journalist Sunanda Mehta.

To find the answer of these various questions raised in above paragraph Sunanda Mehta, journalist and Pushkar’s former schoolmate, trace her subject’s life from her days in cantonment towns, to her first two marriages, a largely unknown stint in Canada, her raise in Dubai businesswoman, and finally much-publicized years with Tharoor until her controversial death shook the nation. This definitive biography is the account of her phenomenal life and its turbulent end.

About the Author

Sunanda Mehta is a journalist with over 25 years of experience. She began her career at Fermina and soon moved on to Magna Publishing, where she became the founding editor of the Pune magazine Citadel at the age of 25. After this, she worked for the Indian Express for two decades, breaking many stories throughout her tenure. From 2010 to 2017, she was the Resident Editor of the newspaper’s Pune edition, which made her the first woman editor of a national English daily in the city. A graduate of Lady Shri Ram College for Women where she studied History, Sunanda also has a degree in Education and Journalism. A former Chevening fellow, she has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Pune. Sunanda divides her time between Pune and Mumbai.

About Publication

One of the top five publishers in India, Pan Macmillan India is one of the newest and fastest-growing publishers in the country today. Set up in 1998, Pan Macmillan India began full-scale publishing operations in India in august 2010. Before this, the company was distributing Pan Macmillan International Titles in the Indian subcontinent along with its locally published titles under Picador India.

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