WhatsApp team to provide the fingerprint tracking system

Whatsapp Fingerprint Tracking

During the Lok Sabha elections and other national and international affairs going on social media plays an important and efficient way to transmit important messages to citizens of India. But in between the healthy social media exchange environment, there is WhatsApp over which many unnamed, nonverified and malicious information is passed or forwarded from one person to another and hence it makes people confuse within the real news and the rumors going on in the country.

As because of these rumors passing and forwarded over the WhatsApp there is a problem which bangs over the election procedure and also many governments arear got the effect from the nonverified news.

Government Recommendations To The Whatsapp Team

After this, all happened the government pressurizes the WhatsApp team to provide some sort of ways through which the person who spread out the wrong and malicious information can be tracked. As per the guidelines, WhatsApp launched many programs, advertisements, campaigns, and educate users to not to share the nonverified content through WhatsApp, they also add the encryption feature to updated WhatsApp account that appears when someone changes its security codes, but after the long procedures of the above-mentioned methods, the not verified content forwarding is not stopped.

Government of India pushing the platform make a small change in their privacy by asking it to share the messages with the particular private key encryption and provide the back entry to any random chat window on the end-to-end encryption of the messages.When these things not get sorted out the government of India pressurizes the WhatsApp team to provide the fingerprint tracking system added to the application which will help to reach the person who spreads the nonverified information within the citizens of India and to the international media too. But WhatsApp back straps the government’s request by saying that “the privacy of the users will get suffered”.

Report By The Economic Times

As per the report published by the Economic Times, the government has asked the messaging platform to find a way to digitally fingerprint every message sent on this platform without breaking up its encryption and according to the two government officers, the traceability of the content generated by the particular account can be possible to find out. Here the government officers ensure everyone that there is no intention to read the personal messages of the users, but the chain of forwarding the messages can lead them to the real social culprit, the only aim is to focus on the problematic messages will lead to that problematic person.

According to the present policy it does not allows us to detect the figure print tracking of the messages from where it belongs to. The present technology any data related to the text, images, and videos are can be handled by the sender and not by anyone else so there is no scope of the traceability.

As per the things, legal forums forced the messaging platform to have to make changes in their privacy and technology policies. So, it appears the contradiction between the government and the largest messaging app ‘WhatsApp’.

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