Why Peepal Tree is Believed to be the tree of Existence

Peepal Tree

Why Peepal Tree is Believed to be the tree of Existence

Since the Vedic period, the Peepal tree is regarded as the lord of trees and is the most holistic tree of Hinduism. The other name for this tree is ‘Ashvattha’.

There are several reasons why it is believed to be the ‘Tree of Existence’

  1. Peepal tree is the one which emits oxygen day and night means good for living beings as they breathe oxygen to live all the time.
  2. Peepal tree is used to treat many diseases, ranging from a simple incident like a snake bite to skin diseases, Asthma, constipation, kidney diseases, dysentery, impotency, and many blood-related problems.
  3. Due to its large height and width, it provides a larger area of shade than other trees hence can be used as a shelter for cows and buffalos in the villages.

Should We Grow Peepal tree at Home?

As Peepal tree has several health benefits people generally think then why not to grow it at home and take its advantages easily. But it’s not suggested to grow it at home as generally people have limited space at their home and this tree becomes so huge and wide when it grows that it will completely cover the whole space of your home. Moreover, the roots of the Peepal tree are so sturdy that can shiver the foundation of the home, so it should not be grown at home.

Why not sleep Under a Peepal at Night?

At night there is no sunlight but the process of photosynthesis still goes on in the plant cells due to which the respiration takes place. Therefore, there is more carbon dioxide around the tree than the presence of oxygen that’s why it is suggested not to sleep under a Peepal tree at night time.

How Long Does a Peepal Live?

It is believed that it is one of the most long-lived trees that are its life ranges from 900-3000 years. So, if you want to grow a tree this birthday, go for the best choice the Peepal tree. Find out space where it could grow good and do not obstruct when growing bigger to a tree.

Trees are an essential part of our natural environment, without trees life is worst to live on earth.

  1. Their roots prevent soil erosion.
  2. Absorbs carbon dioxide and gives oxygen.
  3. Clean environmental pollution.
  4. Provide shelter to birds.
  5. Medicinal Usage.
  6. Wood is used to make paper, building homes and some serving utensils too.
  7. Provides cooling shelter in hot summers.
  8. Feed us with tasty and healthy fruits.
  9. Their greenery makes the place more livable.

“Take a resolution to grow one tree every birthday and suggest others too”

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