World Cup 2019 Final Highlights #EngvsNz

World Cup 2019 Final Highlights

World Cup 2019 Final Highlights #EngvsNz Turning Point and Super Over

Feels great when you hold the precious cup in your hands at your motherland. Amazed to watch the world cup  2019 final between England and New Zealand. We got to see a different spirit and the enthusiasm to become the winner of the World Cup 2019. Both teams paid equal efforts as it was their first time to be recognized as the ICC World Cup,2019 winner.
World Cup 2019 final


Finally, England got this honor to hold the World Cup, that moment was priceless, it was glowing on their face, shine in their eyes, joy in their hearts and love for their motherland. On the other hand, New Zealand, at the verge of winning and gave a tough competition to the opponent. Their excitement turned into sadness, their desire to win the World Cup 2019for the very first time with the previous two consistent records of becoming finalists, almost shattered.

World Cup 2019 final
When your awaited desires turn to reality

Looks unfair, when the winner is only one, even after putting equal efforts and experiencing never shattered willpower from both sides. Neither the teams deserved to face loose. Really a great ending of the world final. Match underwent a tie, followed by again a tie in the super over. Before, super over England targeted at 14 runs for 6 balls, and the game turning point came. It seemed to be a miracle when luckily a sudden and surprise hit gave them 6 runs.  This free hit acted as a game-changer. As if destiny was supporting England partially. Ben Stokes was the game changer of this match. The match went to 2 runs for 1 ball. Finally, the country, which gave existence to Cricket able to grab the chance to be recalled as World Cup 2019 Winner. England originates Cricket, while other country grew it to remarkable levels. Today, ICC World Cup or other cricket related tournaments are most viewed all over the world.


Reactions of New Zealand team
Moment of distress for black caps

These type of tournaments reunite the world and all eyes wait for this. Imagine, people strict to their television watching single game happening at the same place and time supporting their team of preference. It’s not people support only their countrymen. For Instance, India was out from the World Cup 2019 during the semifinal with New Zealand (BLACKCAPS). But still, we got to see various Indians in the stadium for world cup fever.


Let’s discuss more the concept of super over, if match resulted to be a tie between two teams then a super over is granted to both the teams. This consist of 6 balls. Three batsmen are to be selected from the team for this over. Lose of two wickets would finish this over so the very alert and conscious mind is required for this purpose. Super overs leading to a tie the winner decided on the basis of boundary sixes. This was the first time in the history of World Cup that makes use super over for final, with England heading over New Zealand on boundaries decision after scoring 15 runs. Ultimately, leading to a tie in the super over.


The youngest player of this world cup, Jofra Archer was the one to be allocated for bowling against New Zealand in this Super Over. For this player, England went to change of residence period rules reducing the eligibility period of seven years to three years. Before joining this team, he played three-time for West Indies Under-19s. Due to his natural pace, ferocious speed and impressive striking cum bowing tactics made him joint- third-highest wicket-taker. We found him practicing bowling while his team was busy focusing on batting scores. Every eye was chasing Archer to take a wicket, he looked a bit nervous too. As he gave the first ball wide giving New Zealand 1 run at 0 balls.

World Cup 2019 final
Satisfaction and happiness comes naturally when you work effortlessly

But, his never stopping spirit and unbeatable throws made this over very tough for New Zealand.


Well, this type of match made us love cricket more and more. All the moments made this match so interesting that we just want to feel and sink into that moment. We can just live this type of moments at that time. It’s not wrong to say, that it’s a perfect world cup final with a perfect ending. Those some last-minute moments are still rolling into my mind, their happiness of victory and natural love for their game, turning points of the game, the super over. It’s true we cannot relive those moments but I tried to give words to these feeling.

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