World Emoji Day From where it all started?

World Emoji Day

World Emoji Day 17th July

We use emojis every day, so why not celebrate them? Welcome to World Emoji Day!

In today’s world every person uses Emoji to express their feelings for others without setting any age boundary and YES, in the true sense, this is what for Emojis were made. And today’s generation demanding more expressing, more creative emojis which can help them in chatting and expressing their feelings openly and widely. This is literally the “easiest way of expression” that anyone can show.

History of Emoji

Once in a while everyone must have thought that from where these emojis came and how strongly and efficiently become part of our life.

These Emojis started with 176 colorful icons in the 1990s by Shigetaka Kurita and later on their number increases by more than 2500. There is one website who keep records to know how people use them and also how many people want them. Website “Unicode” keeps the information of emoji available on all social media. According to their information at present, there are 2,623 Emojis. Anyone can send a suggestion of new emoji character to them through text-software on their website prepare by US-based faculty.

Infect in 2015 Oxford Dictionary declared an emoji as the word of the year, which clearly shows its importance. The Emoji, which was chosen as “word of the year” is known as “ Face with Tears of Joy”.

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Most used Emoji in the world

Some of the most used and the most popular emoji worldwide is the ‘face with tears of joy’ along with ‘face blowing a kiss’ and ‘red heart’.

There are many more that not to forget them as they make our life full of joy and giving us rest from that long text and long tiring typing. Somewhere they make our life complete. As the ‘loudly crying face’ shows our bad mood or we are crying badly, ‘smiling face with heart eyes’ shows our excitement and how cute, ‘simple face with smiling eyes’ reflects our agreement on good times, ‘thinking face’ always gives expression of question and confusion, ‘folded hands’ may be praying and thanking hands, ‘purple hearts’ it’s particularly popular with BTS fans and group’s official account tweets it fairly often.

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